Success Stories


Classes will be held through ACC Continuing education in the winter session

On Monday May 17th former Comedy Gym student Lucas Molandes was named Funniest Person In Austin at the Cap City Comedy club's 25th annual FPIA contest. Second place went to hilarious local Ramin Nazer and third place went to another former Comedy Gymster, the clever and outrageously funny Matt Willis.

Lance Tibbets came to Comedy Gym because he was a young lawyer who studied law at the behest of his father who was a CEO of a major national corporation. After several attempts to gain admission to law school, Lance was admitted to The University of Houston Law School. Upon graduation, Lance started his practice representing clients who were given a court appointed Attorney. The first year, Lance never won a single case. You see Lance had a speech impediment that caused him to stutter and stammer. Clients were dissatisfied with his representation and judges and fellow lawyers made Lance the butt of cruel jokes. That`s when Lance decided to join Comedy Gym. He figured that if he could perform comedy before live audiences, he could certainly weather the disrespect he received in court. Within the next few months, a miracle occurred, Lance won his first case and began a steady improvement that gave him the self-confidence to continue his law practice. He will likely never enter the professional comedy world, but he will use his skills to have a better life.

Tom Garrett was a sales manager at a major auto dealership in Dallas, Texas when he joined Comedy Gym. He is still selling cars, but his new hobby enabled to meet and marry a new wife and have fun in his spare time with a whole new circle of friends.

Mitch Collier is a young performer who won Cap City`s Funniest Kid in Austin Contest in 2006. He still attends Comedy Gym and recently appeared as a high school football player in NBC`s hit series, "Friday Night Lights."

Tricia Storey has performed in Renaissance Festivals since she was 12 years old and still appears as a funny nun at the Scarborough Fair and performs annually in The Nutcracker Suite. Tricia appeared in a Sunday magazine feature article in The London Independent, with ten-year-old Powell Coffee, a Humboldt County musician, in an article about children performing stand up comedy in The Comedy Gym Showcase.

Abby November is a PHD Nutritionist, and comedy student, who gives presentations about the health benefits of humor. Paul Seaborne. Another Comedy Gym alumni, has written for Richard Jeni, Rich Little, Jay Leno and is currently the head writer on the Emmy Award-winning Taylor`s Attic, a fun-filled family show for kids of all ages starring Taylor Mason.

There are Dozens of National Conventions about humor in the workplace, including, The Association For Applied And Therapeutic Humor. Humor is a shadow industry, and its speakers offer a wide variety of books touting the multi faceted power of humor.

The Comedy Gym Workbook can be obtained for $25 on CD by contacting Sam Cox at or by calling 512-914-3985 or 512-280-2414.