Duncan Strauss - whose career includes a decade-long stint covering comedy for The Los Angeles Times and working as a talent manager representing comics (he and his wife, Colleen McGarr, co-managed Bill Hicks) - observes: "For more than two decades, Sam Cox has proven to be a highly effective and influential teacher of comedy. He not only has been a practitioner at the highest level - he's written for "The Tonight Show" - but he's one of those singular human beings who has a special gift for teaching. One measure of this is the illustrious alumni of Sam's Comedy Gym, including comedian-actor-writer Robert Hawkins (who was both an actor and staff writer on Fox's "The Christopher Titus Show"), and multi-talented Judd Apatow go-to-guy Seth Rogen."

Robert Hawkins, nationally known headliner and Staff writer for the Fox network comedy "the Christopher Titus Show " says, "Sam Cox knows a lot about stand up comedy and he's happy to share the things he's learned. Using lessons he taught me took me from 0 to 60 mph the first day I took his class."
Nancy Reed of The Just For Laughs, Montreal Comedy Festival No one can make you funny if you are not. If however, you are even a little funny, Sam Cox can help you hone your humor into professional quality stand-up. Comedy is one of the few performance arts that goes largely undirected. Sam is a rare master, a comedy expert. Even the most seasoned smart-ass (or dumb-ass) can benefit from Sam's uniquely specialized knowledge. Thanks for writing it all down for us Sam!

Jimmy Roulette, Premium Blend, HBO`s Las Vegas Comedy Festival. Having Talent is meaningless if you don`t have guidance. Sam Cox`s Comedy Gym gives you that guidance and direction. Whether your looking to conquer stage fright or polish some funny thoughts, we all have to take that first step. Sam Cox will get you to the next level with hands on one on one personal attention. Making you better is what the Comedy Gym does; becoming the best is up to you.
Kaye Ahtic. Most Hilarious Housewife, ABC TV's "The View"; 1st Place, Comedy Gym International: Finalist, Ed McMahon's "Next Big Star"; Finalist, Funniest Person in Austin; Finalist; Funniest Newcomer in Denver. People have always laughed at me. But the funniest I ever got was when I asked for a paying comedy gig. The club owners laughed and laughed. Anyway I heard about Sam Cox and Comedy Gym. A few workshops down the line, and I had a grasp on how to be a comic. Thank you, Sam. Comedy Gym has paid off.
Ric Newell, Author, Public Speaker, Happy Endings, Driving Workshops. The hardest part of doing comedy isn't performing; it's coming up with funny stuff to say. Sam Cox has been working with folks for over twenty years helping them find the "funny" when it comes to performing. Sam has had a profound impact on my career and his skill as a coach is directly responsible for whatever success I now enjoy as a speaker, author and, performer.

Frank Ovelton Comic, writer, speaker, teacher. Sam`s book is a must read for anyone who wants to do comedy. You may be a funny person, but Sam Cox shows you how to develop the writing and performance skills you will need to become a successful professional standup.

Holly Lorka Funniest ICU Nurse In Austin, LAFF Festival regular, Chick Schticker: I knew I was funny, but I didn't know how to start doing stand-up. Sam's class helped me to peel back the layers to find my true comedic voice. He has a great ear for what will work, and can make everyone feel capable of getting on stage to perform like a pro.

Karen Collier, mother and Teacher wrote: My 17-year-old son first attended one of Sam's workshops when he was only 12. He was a funny kid but so shy only his family and friends knew it. Working with Sam to develop a stand-up routine gave him the confidence he needed to get up on stage and perform in front of a crowd, and that experience not only boosted his self-esteem on stage, but also in school and his other endeavors. Sam has taught him how to find the humor in his own life and observations about the world around him, skills that transcend stand-up and have made him a better actor and filmmaker as well.